What kind of work can you submit?

The participating agents and editors will be looking for a variety of work, including all categories of fiction for adults, teens, and children, as well as nonfiction—as long as they qualify per the description here.

Please only pitch your completed, unpublished manuscripts.

How do you participate?

The event will be broken up over two days, one for Children’s & Teen Fiction/Nonfiction (October 16) and the other for Adult Fiction/Nonfiction (October 17). Please make sure that you pitch on the appropriate day.

Your pitch must: (1) fit the 280-character max, (2) include the hashtag #DVpit, and (3) include at least one category or genre hashtag.

We are working on the honor system here. We will trust that you are an eligible author per the description on the About page. If the work you are pitching also reflects a marginalized identity/background, and you want a quick way to make that more apparent in your short pitch (and you can fit a few more characters), I also encourage you to include an abbreviation to get that information across. Examples: OWN (to suggest #ownvoices), POC, LGBT, DIS (disability), IMM (immigration), etc. Please make the abbreviation as clear and straightforward as possible for our agents/editors. These codes are up to you—I’m in no place to judge or police how, or even if, you label your identity or your book. Please remember they are optional. You will *not* be at a disadvantage if you don’t include them and you are not in any way obligated to disclose any information you do not feel comfortable sharing.

Additionally, please refrain from policing the identities of other participants.

I value discourse, and as the conversation about diversity in publishing evolves, I do encourage people to use the hashtag to share their thoughts. However, during pitching hours, please only use the hashtag to pitch. Or, if you do write a thread, please use the hashtag in only the first tweet to help us cut down on traffic and to ensure that each pitch has space to shine.

Please pitch no more than six times during the day (per project), and no more than once per hour (overall). You may pitch more than one project, as long as they are complete and unpublished.

Please do not tweet-pitch the agents/editors directly!

The event will run from 8:00AM ET until 8:00PM ET, so please only tweet your pitches during that block of time, on the appropriate day.

Should you encounter any issues or have concerns during the event, please feel free to reach out to @DVpit_ via DM. (DMs are open.)

What happens next?

Agents/editors will your pitch if they’d like to see material from you, so please don’t other authors’ pitches. Please also do not retweet. To show support, you can always reply or quote-tweet with compliments.

Each agent/editor will have their own preferences for receiving submissions, so if you get a from someone, please refer to their Twitter feed to see what they ask for, and how you can contact them.

All of these agents/editors are invested in finding more marginalized voices, so if you're comfortable with it (and ONLY if you are comfortable with it), I encourage you to self-identify in your query, or just simply let us know that the story and/or character(s) reflect your own experience (or even in your pitch if you have the space and the inclination).

If you see that multiple agents/editors from the same company have -ed your pitch, please contact them directly for their policy on multiple submissions, or reach out to me and I will be happy to find out for you.

Keep in mind that many agents/editors will get sidetracked with their usual work or unexpected crises and may have to revisit the feed after the event is over. So don’t be surprised if you receive s after the period closes!