For more help with your pitch and etiquette questions, here are some links to read while you wait for #DVpit!

Kayla Whaley (@PunkinOnWheels) put together this very handy guide after helping with the first #DVpit.

Look here for a post by the Bent Agency’s own Victoria Cappello (@VLCappello) that includes some really great tips.

And another writers’ guide by agent participant Carly Watters (@carlywatters) of P.S. Literary can be found here with some illuminating examples.

Sadly, an account of why you should always research and NOT be afraid to decline sending material to anyone you’re uncomfortable sending to can be found here.

Here is a terrific video from Claribel Ortega that offers some tips for pitching at a Twitter event like #DVpit!

Please don't forget to like this video and subscribe to Claribel's channel–she's consistently posting helpful tips for writers.

Here's another terrific video with Twitter pitch advice, this time from Kat Cho. Make sure you like and SUBSCRIBE for more informative writing/publishing videos.

Here are links to the invaluable posts from our past blog hops:

A thorough beginner’s guide to Twitter pitching, Jalissa Corrie blesses us with her #DVpit Game Plan: Organization is Key.

After pitching comes pages! Eric Smith from P.S. Literary writes about how Your First Chapter Is A Promise To Your Reader: Great Opening Pages In Diverse YA, on Dahlia Adler’s blog, The Daily Dahlia.

Three editors (Patrice Caldwell from Disney-Hyperion, Kait Feldmann from Scholastic, Stephanie Stein from Harper Children’s/HarperTeen) and two agents (Jim McCarthy from Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret, and Saba Sulaiman from Talcott Notch) break down everything you need to know about world-building in a three-part discussion at Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Next up is advice for shaping your stories using time as an anchor: The Passage of Time in Your Novel, by Pete Knapp, literary agent at Park Literary. Hosted by Writer’s Block Party.

Also on Writer’s Block Party is an interview with #DVpit creator Beth Phelan. She talks with her clients (and Writer’s Block Party contributors) Kat Cho and Mara Fitzgerald.

A fantastic roundtable all about VOICE (Part 1, Part 2): hosted by Disney-Hyperion editor Patrice Caldwell on Pub(lishing) Crawl. Featuring Jennifer Azantian of Azantian Literary, Tiffany Liao of Henry Holt/Macmillan Children’s, & Saba Sulaiman of Talcott Notch Literary Services.

A great piece all about scene-building from agent Kari Sutherland, hosted on Writers Digest.

An inspiring post from #DVpit alum Aminah Mae Safi, also on Writers Digest, about writing character-driven fiction and the Misbehavior of Fictional Children.


We understand that condensing a manuscript to 280 characters is difficult, and we want to help your pitch stand out in the feed. We’re happy to offer free options for getting help with your pitches ahead of the April 2018 event. Volunteers will be posted ASAP!

For pitch help: Writers of all genres are welcome to join the Sub It Club Submission Support Group where you can post pitches for feedback. 



We're hosting another Twitter Q&A during which writers thinking of participating in #DVpit can tweet questions using the hashtag #askDVpit. Our industry pros will answer!


April 12, 2018

Need a warm-up? Come practice your pitching at #PreDV with other #DVpit hopefuls and get feedback from peers and volunteers.

Post your pitch using "#PreDV" in place of "#DVpit" and volunteers will provide critiques. Participants are also encouraged to provide feedback to other pitches!

This is a great opportunity to practice before the big day, get feedback to improve your pitches, and make some friends!

Hosted by Kat Cho (@KatCho)

#DVpit Blog Hop




#DVpit will host and moderate a LIVE video panel with industry professionals on a YouTube channel TBD. We'll soon take suggestions for questions. Or, hold questions until the time of the event and tweet them using #DVpitLIVE; our panelists will try to answer as many as they can at the end.