INTERVIEW PERIOD: July 16 - 30, 2019
START DATE: early/mid August (flexible)

Thanks to the generosity of the writing community, I am able to hire an intern to help me prepare for and manage the next #DVpit (happening in early October). This event and the community surrounding it are tremendously important to me, and so the person who assumes this position will be working pretty closely with me. I will need to trust this person to speak and work on #DVpit’s behalf—on my behalf. So I’m looking for someone who is reliable, decent, compassionate, and just generally a good egg. I’ll offer monetary compensation and as much mentorship as I reasonably can. But you don’t need to be a writer, or have experience working in the publishing industry. As long as you are well-informed about publishing, #DVpit, twitter, and the need for diversity and inclusion in the book industry, you qualify! Pertinent details follow. If you are interested and think you meet the criteria, please email me your resume (attachment) and a cover letter (text in the body of the email) to with "internship" as the subject line. Thank you for reading!

Compensation: $15 per hour ($1,500 total, paid weekly via Venmo or PayPal)
Hours: 10 hours per week (except #DVpit week, which will be around 24 hours)
Time frame: 8 weeks (early/mid- August into October)
Remote with reliable internet service

- Solicit, organize/schedule, format and proofread the #DVpit success interviews
- Solicit/assign guest blog posts and find outlets to publish
- Coordinate with web manager to update the website, providing copy and updates to successes and resources, build an F.A.Q. section, create a RULES banner for the twitter account, reorganize resources, create #DVpit users guide (including how to use twitter, how to pitch, examples of pitches, what to do day-of, how to manage requests, how to strategize if it doesn’t meet expectations)
- Assist with the @DVpit_ twitter account (answering questions in DMs/mentions, scheduling tweets, monitoring the hashtag on pitch days)
- Research into promotional opportunities
- Some admin work as needed

- Intimate knowledge with the issue of inclusion and diversity in book publishing
- Understanding and compassion for all marginalized communities
- Adept at twitter and specifically twitter pitch events
- Open/flexible availability on pitch days (to be determined and discussed in advance)
- Confidence and courage to address sensitive issues, including confronting trolls and blocking harassment accounts
- Infinite patience and an open heart
- Good boundaries
- Vocal, kind, reliable, trustworthy
- Stable internet connection
- Microsoft Word and Excel
- Must be 18+